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Garage Conversions in Leeds | 5 Benefits of Converting Your Garage

Here at J & C Roofing Services, we have the experience and tools to transform your single or double garage into a fantastic new living area. This under-utilised space is all too often used simply for storing household items, where it could be being put to much better use, such as an extra bedroom or bathroom. As experts in garage conversions and garage doors in Leeds, we are looking at the top five benefits of converting your garage in this latest blog post.


Why are Garage Conversions Popular?


Garage conversions are an excellent way to maximise the existing space in your property and are a popular option for many homeowners throughout Leeds and the UK. Here are top five benefits for having your garage converted:


1. Affordable

With house prices making it harder to be able to move up the property ladder, converting your garage can make more financial sense over moving. Not only are they more affordable and less stressful than moving to a new home, but well-designed conversions with attractive garage doors can also increase the value of your property.


2. Maximises Space

Dreaming of having an extra bathroom, bedroom or could do with a home office? Extra space is a sought-after treasure for many homeowners and can be a blessing especially for growing families. Our garage conversions in Leeds can be anything you need them to be, including an extra bathroom, bedroom or even separate apartment.


3. Better Insulation

By converting your garage space into a habitable space, you will be able to reduce the amount of heat loss and improve the insulation of your property. This is more important than ever with rising energy bills. As specialists in roofs and garage doors, J & C Roofing Services install the best quality branded products for better energy efficiency.


4. Minimal Disruption

Garage conversions can often be completed with minimum disruption. As they are regularly attached to the existing property, they already have some form of foundations, standing walls and generally electrical supplies. The main work required is internal and on the garage doors, with no need to make major structural changes to your Leeds property, unless you want and have permission to.


5. Versatile Space

Garages can be converted into all kinds of usable living spaces, from a new bedroom or a playroom to a home office or even an annex. If you are fortunate enough to have a double garage, this could also be used for a partial conversion, with one side as a new room and the other side remaining as storage for your car or household items.


Our Professional Garage Services


Whatever your reason for wanting a garage conversion, J & C Roofing Services can take care of it for you. Established since 2007, we have over 23 years of experience carrying out conversions for domestic and commercial clients in Leeds. Our company uses branded products of the highest quality, including Hörmann garage doors and VELUX windows, for a superior finish. We also take care of all your insulation and roofing needs, helping to retain heat and protect garage conversions from leaks and damp.

To discuss different types of garage conversions or garage doors for your Leeds property, contact J & C Roofing Services today on 07706 734 797.