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Garage Conversions in Leeds

If you want to maximise the space in your Leeds home and increase the value of your property, garage conversions are among the most popular renovation projects for homeowners to achieve these objectives. At J & C Roofing Services, our company specialises in a range of services for optimising garage conversions, which includes installing flat roofs and tile roofing materials to turn any garage into dream living space.


We can also incorporate new garage doors or windows into your design.


If you would like to discuss garage conversions or garage doors for a property in Garforth or Tadcaster, we now provide a full range of services in these two key territories.

Garages which are used primarily for storage can be converted into a range of different rooms, including lounges, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, home offices or gyms. By having windows or new garage doors installed, garage conversions will let in natural light and make living space more appealing. New doors also provide easier access into your Leeds home.


Our professional roofing services include the repair or installation of EDPM flat roofs, and we undertake tile roofing repairs or replacements on pitched garage roofs. This protects your new space suffering from water damage and heat loss through improved insulation.

Different Types of Garage Conversions

Important Things to Know

Planning Permission


Planning permission isn’t usually required for garage conversions unless you’re redesigning the appearance of the house with major roofing services or building an extension. Any design or installation concept which doesn’t change the structure, such as new windows or garage doors, will usually be acceptable and won’t require approval.


If you’re living in a listed building in Leeds, any changes to the exterior (such as flat roofs or tile roofing work) might be restricted.


Building Regulations


Garage conversions must comply with current Building Regulations and planning permission, if required, must be agreed with Leeds City Council. Health and Safety codes need to be met regarding adequate ventilation, damp proofing, fireproofing and emergency access via integrated garage doors. A building inspector will examine whether the property and the foundations can support garage conversions and if the drainage system will be affected.


Any issues like these can be addressed by our company


Sufficient Insulation


Leeds clients and the service provider they choose will need to factor how their new living space will be insulated. This is an integral part of current Building Regulations for all garage conversions. Minimum energy-saving requirements (known as ‘u values’) measure the rate of heat loss in watts over a one-hour period, per square metre of insulation installed.


Minimum ‘u values’ can be found below:

  • Walls must equal 0.35W/m²/K
  • Pitched roofs need to be 0.16W/m²/K
  • Flat roofs must measure 0.25 W/m²/K
  • Flooring needs to equal 0.25W/m²K
  • Windows should be 0.18 W/m²K


At J & C Roofing Services, we install high quality branded products on garage conversions in Leeds, including Hörmann garage doors and VELUX windows. The insulation requirements for garage doors and windows can be confirmed with the manufacturer. We also install EDPM membranes on flat roofs or durable tile roofing materials on pitched roofs, which help to retain heat and protect garage conversions from leakages and dampness.


Don’t forget that our reach now extends into the nearby Garforth and Tadcaster areas. If you would like to discuss garage conversions or the replacement of garage doors, we can assist you and also keep your buildings watertight with a full range of roofing services.

For roofing services and garage conversions in Leeds and West Yorkshire, call 07706 734 797.