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Roofing Services in Tadcaster | Garage Conversions

With expert knowledge of roofing styles and materials, we provide efficient and cost-effective roofing services around Tadcaster. Your residential or commercial property may have felt, slate or tile roofing in need of repair, or complete replacement. We deliver experienced solutions to both of these issues. Complementing our work on pitched and flat roofs, we offer high-quality garage conversions and the fitting of garage doors.


Depending on the existing structure of your garage roof, we will recommend the most suitable materials for your needs. If the garage has a pitched roof (one which slopes downwards in two parts) we have a broad range of tile roofing materials available to suit your preferences. For flat roofs, we use EPDM rubber due to its benefits as an economical and durable material, ensuring a quality finish for all our Tadcaster clients.


Garage Doors and Conversions


Flat roofs are the most common style for garage conversions as they are relatively easy to install and maintain, lowering costs for the owner. However, if you desire tile roofing on a new conversion, we are happy to discuss this option with you. We provide insulated and comfortable spaces which always adhere to building regulations and are suitable for an extensive list of uses. Many households in Tadcaster need extra living space and a garage conversion is an inexpensive, easy way to obtain this without affecting tax bands.


If you are looking to convert a large garage into extra living room but still require storage for a vehicle, splitting the space is an effective solution but the conversion must comply with current regulatory and safety standards.


Garage conversions can be as simple as changing single garage doors to double. Doing so improves ease of parking and saves on maintenance costs. Alongside our conversion and roofing services, our team has experience in fitting modern garage doors in a range of styles. Older doors periodically require repair or replacement and J&C Roofing Services will find the best solution for your Tadcaster garage.


Our roofing services cover flat roofs, slates and tile roofing over garages and larger properties. It is vital that we complete this work to a high standard to prevent harm to people or damage to property. We are confident in the quality of our work, guaranteeing EPDM rubber flat roofs for 20 years and all other new roofs for 10 years.


Using only the highest-quality garage doors, we ensure the security and appearance of your Tadcaster property and can be depended upon to carry out any future maintenance work.

For specialist garage conversions and roofing services in Tadcaster, call 07706 734 797.