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Quality Roofing Services | Pitched Tile Roofing vs. Flat Roofs in Leeds

J & C Roofing Services provide expert solutions to all your roofing needs in and around the Leeds area. Whether you are building a new property or adding a garage conversion, choosing what type of roofing to have is a major decision in the design process. In this blog post, we look at the differences between flat roofs and pitched tile roofing, to help with your decision making.

Flat roofs and pitched tile roofing look completely different, with each variety offering various benefits. Find out more about their differences below.


Flat Roofs


A flat roof is where the roof is almost level. Although the name may suggest they are completely flat, they are in fact slightly sloped to allow rainwater to drain away, but look much flatter in comparison to traditional pitched tile roofing. Flat roofs have always been popular for smaller structures such as garage conversions and extensions. They are also becoming an increasingly regular sight in modern architecture throughout Leeds.


At J & C Roofing Services, our team has put together some of the key benefits of flat roofs:


  • Significantly lower in price than pitched slate or tile roofing
  • Extremely waterproof with advanced EPDM rubber membrane systems
  • Safer to carry out maintenance and repairs on than pitched roofs
  • Offer the ability to create eco-friendly green roofs or roof top gardens
  • Quick to install, ideal for Leeds clients working to a small timeframe


Pitched Tile Roofing


A pitched roof is defined by having a roof pitch above 10 degrees and are a common site throughout the UK. Our experts at J & C Roofing services explain that the structure is made from two or more slopes that meet at a central point. They are traditionally covered in slate and tile materials in Leeds. Each side of the roof is usually pitched at the same angle and made from the same materials for aesthetic reasons.


Some of the main advantages of pitched tile roofing includes:


  • The creation of loft space, for storage or as an extra living area
  • Longer life-span than flat roofs as they are very durable and weather resistant
  • Often more in-keeping with the neighbourhood as they offer a more traditional look
  • Ideal platform for sustainable technologies such as solar panels
  • Exceptionally good drainage, with gutters to direct water away from the building




Both tile roofing and flat roofs come with their own benefits and depend on the type of projects you are undertaking, your budget and personal taste. They are both available in various designs and can be tailored to suit your needs. As part of our professional roofing services in Leeds, our team offers expert advice about different roofing styles, colours and materials to compliment your property. Contact us today for free advice and quotations.

Whether your preference is pitched tile roofing or flat roofs, J & C Roofing Services are here to help. Call us today on 07706 734 797 for roofing projects in Leeds.